Growth in Montana

Our team at TLI is growing, and growing quickly. As many businesses are bouncing back from the effects of the recession, we have experienced growth on our end as well. With additional work coming in, TLI has recognized the need to enhance our recruitment and hiring practices to ensure we attract great employees that will take outstanding care of our clients. This focus and effort on recruitment has brought forth some fun new changes to the culture at TLI.

The growth of our staff members at TLI has historically occurred from entry-level up as we firmly believe in the advancement and promotion of staff members from within. Due to growing client needs and our company’s rapid growth, we are expanding our hiring in almost every staff level.

You may wonder what makes TLI different when it comes to hiring and retaining great employees. The answer to that is many things! We have set our sights on internal improvements. We recognize that errors and mistakes are part of being human. What sets us apart, is our ability to acknowledge these occurrences as opportunities to improve. We celebrate our successes and continue to assess how we can improve each day. We are focused on providing training for our management team, so they are effectively leading and developing all of our staff members. These are just a couple examples of the focus that we maintain and grow to advance all members of our team

We are very excited about TLI’s growth and the need to bring in more quality team members. We seek long-term relationships with our employees so that our clients have familiarity with our team and a high level of confidence in the work that we provide

If you or someone you know would be a great addition to our team, please send them our way! Contact me directly or our HR Director, Sarah Bowman, or visit the Careers section of our website to learn more about the great career opportunities we have available at TLI right now!

by Jason Rice, P.E., CEO