Fostering a Culture of Professional Development

As the warmer weather arrives our offices are buzzing with work. It is always exciting to see new projects rolling in as we put the final touches on the work we have been diligently completing over the colder months. As we look ahead to our busy season, we are excited to welcome our summer intern as well as two new Engineer Technicians and new members of our admin staff. As we welcome new energy and excitement to our branch offices it allows us to refocus on one of our core values that is so important to our firm: Growth.

In an industry that relies on innovation, distinctive capabilities, and fresh ideas, growth is imperative, not an option. It is necessary that we commit to creating prosperity for all parties involved. We strive to foster growth for our clients, organization and individual staff members.

We value and support continuing education opportunities, the pursuit of new opportunities and encourage alternative licensing and/or education. We believe that this creates an atmosphere of teamwork and camaraderie, expanding our capabilities and strengthening our company’s core.

It is imperative that our employees seek out and succeed in their own professional growth, and we are committed to providing the guidance, mentoring, and opportunities to pursue that growth.

by Mark Bellon, P.E., COO