Furry Friends in the Office

At TLI our goal is to create a culture that makes our staff and clients proud. Part of creating that type of environment is allowing unique opportunities like our dog-friendly workplace. While some of the most successful companies in the world (Google and Amazon to name a couple) welcome pets at their premises, not all allow it to be a daily routine.

At TLI we want our employees to enjoy coming to work every day. If having a furry friend tag along makes their day less stressful and more enjoyable, then we support that. We will admit the recent study by Virginia Commonwealth University saying that having pets at the workplace improves teamwork, job satisfaction and raises trust amongst employees does make us feel confident about our decision.

Within TLI we have numerous furry companions. My dog, Piper, is a frequent visitor in the office. Piper is a 3-½-year old, Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. She can be found sitting discreetly at my feet waiting for something to fall on the floor or patiently waiting for a chance to get outside for a quick walk. Outside of work, Piper is a superb hunting dog however her most prized accomplishment to date was the delivery of 14 (yes, fourteen) healthy puppies. Our home has been full of howls and cries but is slowly starting to quiet down as the pups head to their new homes. We are excited to have Piper back in the office after her maternity leave.

So, next time you are at TLI stop in and say hello to our furry friends!

By Jason Rice, P.E., CEO