Always Improving for our Clients

At Territorial-Landworks, Inc., we are constantly striving to improve the delivery of our services to our clients by making processes more efficient and incorporating quality control methods into our work. Our goal is to add value to our clients’ projects by leveraging our experience and expertise in the communities we serve.

One very useful tool we have implemented is the solicitation of client feedback for each project we work on. We accomplish this with thorough communication during the project, followed by a survey questionnaire mailed out at the end of the project. We typically receive positive responses, and we greatly appreciate when clients take the time to provide us with feedback of any kind. While it is encouraging to hear what is working well, we especially value hearing about areas where improvements can be made. When we receive a suggestion on something we can improve, we empower our staff to make it happen.

We have developed a company structure that allows our staff to review client ideas and comments, then rapidly implement appropriate solutions. We have found that empowering our staff to improve our company has positively impacted our daily operations. Additionally, it has been rewarding for staff to be involved in developing their own solutions. With almost 50 staff members working in five locations, it takes organization and structure to develop, document, and catalog solutions that allow us to improve our operations.

Our number one goal at Territorial-Landworks, Inc. is to focus on our clients and build trusting relationships. As such, we encourage our clients to provide feedback that makes us better so we can continue to deliver a high level of service.

What can we do better based on your experience working with our team at TLI? I would love to hear your feedback so please click HERE to send me an email and share your ideas.

Thank you very much for being a valued client, business partner or affiliate of TLI!

by Mark Bellon, P.E., COO