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TLI Office Location Coverage Map

Territorial-Landworks, Inc. (TLI) is a Montana-based company founded by local entrepreneurs. We are committed to providing each client with the professional and individual attention they deserve. We cultivate and maintain expert staff dedicated to providing timely, complete, and accurate service while upholding professional and ethical standards. We pledge to provide each client with an honest assessment of our ability and availability and to provide services that promote public health, safety and welfare.

Integrated Organization Principles

TLI has developed integrated organization principles that promote the flexible and efficient use of personnel and corporate resources allowing us the ability to accurately forecast future demand and adjust accordingly. Our weekly project management meetings are attended by the appropriate decision makers, and our electronic tracking system allows us to coordinate staffing requirements on a corporate-wide basis, publishing that information for the entire staff to review. In this way, TLI has made the best use of available resources in an efficient and effective manner that is greatly appreciated by our clients.

Innovative & Streamlined Communication Programs

Our project progress reports, detailed work plans, project scheduling activities, and communication enable us to ensure projects stay on schedule. Our clients and members of the project team are always kept informed of each project’s status. We have streamlined our communication programs to include all means of electronic media, providing clients and project partners with information that greatly enhances the coordination of activities on every project. While these innovations have significantly improved our ability to share information and ideas, personal communication remains the most important means of coordinating with our clients. TLI maximizes output and effectively manages many different projects. We are constantly analyzing the balance of work and available personnel to establish an equilibrium, which indirectly ensures deliverables are always of the highest quality.

A Decade of Collaboration, Over 30 Years of Experience

Territorial-Landworks, Inc. was founded on the principles that still drive the business today. In 2007, Territorial Engineering & Surveying, Inc. joined forces with Landworks Consulting & Design, Inc. The merger created Territorial-Landworks, Inc., a Civil Engineering, Surveying, and Land Use Consulting company specializing in public and private sector land use and community development projects throughout Montana, Eastern Washington, and Western North Dakota.

Since the merger of the two firms, and creation of TLI, the company has grown organically through hard work and outstanding client service. There are five office locations across the state of Montana. The corporate office is headquartered in Missoula with branch office locations in Billings, Helena, the Flathead Valley and the Bakken. These strategic office locations allow our team the ability to interact with clients and have a presence on-site in the communities we serve.

Markets/Clients Served

  • Public Works Departments
  • Municipalities
  • Federal, State, & Local Government Agencies
  • Utility Companies
  • Land Developers
  • Commercial Developers
  • Contractors
  • Architects
  • Property Owners
  • Realtors
  • School Districts
  • Oil & Gas Companies

Physical In-House Resources

Territorial-Landworks, Inc. is committed to maintaining the most up-to-date software and equipment available in order to provide quality service for our clients.