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Townhouse Law or Zoning?

Townhouse? Isn’t that just a type of structure? Not anymore, it can now be used as an exemption to the long, unpredictable, and often expensive subdivision process. The laws regarding this exemption are extensive and tedious to read so are paraphrased in some cases below for brevity. For more detail or to view the full [...]

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Growth in Montana

Our team at TLI is growing, and growing quickly. As many businesses are bouncing back from the effects of the recession, we have experienced growth on our end as well. With additional work coming in, TLI has recognized the need to enhance our recruitment and hiring practices to ensure we attract great employees that will take [...]

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TLI Market Expansions

We are excited about our company’s growth over the last few years that has allowed us to develop stronger relationships with our Clients and serve a larger geographic footprint of Montana and Western North Dakota.  Recently, we have opened offices in the Flathead Valley and Helena. Nathan Lucke opened our Flathead Valley Office in August [...]

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