Construction Services

Territorial-Landworks, Inc. has experience in construction services including construction surveying, site mapping, development of existing and finished ground DTM’s, and earth quantity computations.

Territorial-Landworks, Inc. provides construction services including construction surveying, site mapping, development of existing and finished ground DTM’s, and earth quantity computations. TLI provides the following construction services:

Construction Surveying:

  • Land Surveying – Locate and mark property lines, setbacks, easements, and other features for accurate infrastructure layout.
  • Construction Staking – Provide reference stakes and grade control for any infrastructure improvement for site alteration that needs to be constructed with precision including roadways, bridges, buildings, and utilities.
  • Site Mapping – Map site features of the project site to document pre-existing site and surface features. Also mapping for post construction to verify as-built status and verification of pay items.
  • Architectural As-Built Survey – Survey as-built site and building features including building elevations, horizontal locations, interior floor elevations, and wall locations.
  • Survey Control – Provide horizontal and vertical site control for contractors that have survey capabilities or utilize automated controlled GPS equipment.
  • Survey Tolerance Check – Provide spot-checks to verify specified tolerances are met on projects where contractors utilize GPS-controlled equipment or conventional construction staking.
  • DTM Staking – Survey crew to spot-check DTM construction to verify specified tolerances are met for excavation and embankment on projects where contractors utilize the GPS-controlled equipment.
  • Precision Paving Control – Provide wireline paving control for concrete paving, and precision pave-set/pave-smart paving control for asphalt pavement.

DTM Development and GPS Control – Provide development, assessment, and translations of Digital Terrain Models for existing and proposed surface conditions.

Construction Quality Assurance – Provide third party inspection and assistance for testing sewer, water, and storm sewer utilities.

Contract Administration and Project Management

  • Pre-bid review of contract documents and advise contractor on contract administration issues. Review design-build requirements and assess value engineering opportunities.
  • Assist with the development and implementation of a quality assurance and quality control program for construction projects and work with design engineer on behalf of the contractor.
  • Development of MPWSS contract documents for projects that do not have associated project manuals and contracts.

Quantity Computations – Perform quantity take-off for improvements from project manuals, plan sets, and electronic files. Includes computing excavation and embankment quantities using DTM models and site specifications.

Mediation/Arbitration assistance

  • Provide third party contract auditing and arbitration services for projects that require conflict resolution due to quality control, value engineering, or performance disputes with agencies, owners, or subcontractors that may have pending claims or possible deducts per contract documents.
  • Provide expert witness testimony for engineering, surveying, and land use issues requiring litigation.
  • Assist contractors with permitting and permit related arbitration with state, local, and federal agencies.
  • Provide third party contract resolution support for claims, change orders, or other contractual issues.

Design-Build Services – Provide design, construction quality assurance, and as-built certification services for MDT and other agency projects that have design-build performance specifications.

Traffic Control Plans – Assist contractors and government agencies with the development of traffic control plans for construction projects.